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Six Reasons Why Your Broadband Bills Keep Climbing

With the passage of time, people are seen travelling far from the noise making dial-up connections because of one thing—the speedy arrival of broadband connections. These days, however, even with the abundance of cheap broadband bundles available, the same individuals always seem to be complaining about the soar in their internet bills.

If you are also someone who uses high-speed broadband internet connection, you might be worried about the increase in your expenses too. But, have you ever wondered why this happens in the first place? Here is a list of reasons showing you why your broadband bill climbs each month.

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Surfing - which is equal to downloading

This would be one the biggest misconception regarding internet broadband usage. Whenever you sign up for any particular internet package, the limit is for your overall internet usage - NOT just for your bulk downloading. For instance, when you are browsing the internet and going to various sites, you “think” that you are not consuming any internet data. However, the facts are opposite.


So, for those who don’t already know this sad detail - surfing is actually downloading the webpage in order to view it. The next time you are watching a video on YouTube, don’t think that you have not downloaded anything.

Unzipped downloading

If you are not using zipped downloading and uploading while receiving and transferring files, you are losing your precious MBs faster than you think. Using zipped folders and downloads can save loads of bandwidth. If a data can be transferred in a 6MB file, why waste 10MB on it?

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Automatic Downloading & Updates

The fat stack of your internet bills is often there because you have automatic downloading turned on. This along with the various software updates can cause you to pay more. If you have these unwanted automatic updates running in the background every time you log in, you are flushing a considerable amount of your data down the drain.

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Other similar services can also be disabled by using the similar cycle.

Unsecured Wi-Fi networking

Many individuals are simply too lazy to make sure that their broadband connection is secure. Many broadband routers are manufactured so they broadcast signals further than the walls of your house. If you haven’t taken the steps to secure unwanted people from using your broadband, you will automatically have to pay for their usage as well.

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Online gaming

Do you know, many modern gaming platforms, use a heavy portion of your internet allowance? Gaming updates themselves are sometimes so large that they happily eat up your available download limits.


Don’t forget, if you are purchasing any game from a website, or an online play station store, the download of the game will also be counted against your internet allowances.

HD Video Streaming

Streaming includes all kinds of audio and video files from the internet. It’s important to keep an eye on your HD video streaming specifically, as they require more speed as compared to other kinds of streams.

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So, these were the most common reasons concerning broadband bills which many people are often distressed about. If these did not include anything you have being practising, there is a huge chance that there might be something wrong at your broadband service provider’s end. In such a case, don’t hesitate before calling your internet subscriber and inquiring about the data usage or broadband bundle they have been charging you with.


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