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The Best Broadband Deals for Gaming

Choosing from different broadband packages is a matter of balancing several factors such as speed, cost, fair usage and mobility.


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Online gaming is demanding on data streaming and smooth gaming demands fast broadband speeds. With 5MBps you can play comfortably but you would still feel sluggish in heavy games like Call of Duty series. With up to 150Mbps, Virgin Media take the lead followed by BT at 76 Mbps, with TalkTalk and Sky offering up to 50 Mbps.


Speed is good but also comes at a cost. Virgin media will set you back £105 in the first year and £228 after that. The downside being that it is not that widespread. BT will cost you £206 in the first year and £312 after that making it the most expensive. If you are looking for a budget package Plusnet (owned by BT) will offer you 76Mbps at £30 for six months and £228 after that. When looking at prices consider whether the offer is unlimited or limited, and whether it includes calls. BT and Sky also offer unlimited packages.

Fair usage policy

If you look at your contract and see anything fair usage in fine print, this is just a fancy term saying your data usage is capped. Companies will say that they are ensuring that the user is not doing anything illegal but the reality is that they are monitoring data usage and capping it when the downloads get too heavy.

All Broadband providers with access to Local-loop unbundling such as TalkTalk and Sky are the most liberal when it comes to data usage with unlimited meaning just that. BT, EE and Plusnet also have unlimited offers but reserve the right to "manage traffic to prevent usage that is detrimental to other users".


You probably do your gaming on the laptop or tablet and like to play whenever you are in WiFi hotspots. Indeed, hotspots can be very useful whenever you feel that you want to keep up with your game. The spread of WiFi hotspots vary from company to company.

You can find Virgin Media in over 150 hotspots in the London underground and also spread over places like coffee shops and libraries. The service is free and unlimited for customers of Virgin Media, Virgin Mobile, and EE.

For Sky, The Cloud, as their WiFi is called, is free and unlimited to customers. It can be found in the London overground and train stations, Cafe Nero, Weatherspoon pubs and M&S. With speed, cost, fair usage and portability considerations done right, your gaming experience is guaranteed to be smooth and exciting.


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