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How does Broadband Work?

Broadband is the most widely used form of internet in the UK. This technology has taken the mantle over from dial up internet and has grown multiple folds ever since then. Quite simply put, broadband involves the use of technology where data is transmitted along high speed cables, mobile phones, Digital Subscriber Lines, etc. The broadband in itself is extremely “broad”. It encompasses a number of different frequencies and channels.

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The most common types of broadband technologies operating in the market include;

The Need for Broadband

As the internet was introduced into the market, the demand for internet grew at a rapid pace. Despite the fact that people were able to connect from one place to another through their computers, there was a need felt to be able to transfer large amounts of information across the internet. Dial up despite its best efforts was unable to cater to the growing needs of the public for data delivery. The situation was similar to a narrow door, where hundreds of people had turned up and were willing to pass at the exact same time. The problem was that there was one lane and so many people to pass. There needed to be more lanes added to the area and more doors placed so that people were able to pass through at a faster pace. A Broadband internet does exactly the same thing.

To take a detailed look at the working of broadband internet, this article will outline how each of the three different types of broadband internet work.

How Does Cable Broadband Work?

A cable broadband differs from other broadband connections because the internet travels through cables that are partially made of fibre optic. Sometimes cables that are used for television are also used to transmit data from one place to another. The use of fibre optic in the cable helps the user enjoy a greater reliability and faster data transfer speed.

One of the advantages of using Cable broadband has been the fact that they are not only capable of providing the user with a landline signal; it can also provide the user with a digital signal. This means that the internet connection and television services can travel to the home in the same cable and be provided by the same provider.

How Does ADSL Broadband Work?

The ADSL broadband comes to the UK residents through their telephone exchange. Different areas have different telephone exchanges. The wire is a fixed line access network that is made using traditional copper. To put it simply, broadband here travels along the telephone lines that are easily visible on streets, etc. The lines in the streets are as used as a connector between the telephone exchange and your house. The line will then be connected to the telephone box inside your home. Usually people are also asked to use micro filters which are basically used to separate your telephone line from your broadband line. The internet as part of an ADSL works in a slightly complex way. The information travelling through the cables to your home is in a series of digital signals. These signals are then decode and restructured and coded into useful information that can actually make sense. This is primarily why unlike other connections, an ADSL connection of broadband internet is working 24 hours a day.

How Does Wireless Broadband Work?

The first perception of a wireless internet or a WI-FI is basically something that will be from the hassle of wires, etc. However, that is not the case. A wireless broadband internet is not entirely free from wires. The broadband is carried into the house using a wire. Basically, the internet connection first up has to be carried into your router. Once that takes place, the router converts the digital signals into radio signal which is the broadcasted. This broadcast is picked buy the wireless network card in your computer and it is then re encoded to make proper sense of the situation. The thing about wireless internets is that they are not stationary; they can be changed with time. A computer or a mobile phone can switch to another radio signal and set a different frequency, if the first channel is busy.

How Does Mobile Broadband Work?

Mobile broadband has been around for long, but it has only taken to new heights in the past few years with the introduction of 3G and 4G technology. These two technologies allow mobile phones to be able to catch data packets being sent through the network provider. Two technologies that have the most important role to play in this aspect are HSUPA (high speed upload packet access) and HSDPA (high speed download packet access).

The connections unlike other broadband internet connections do not travel through lines and wires. Instead they are transmitted from mobile phone masts which are available both abroad and in remote locations of the areas as long as there are phone masts available in that area.

Some Facts about Broadband Internet

It is clear from the above paragraphs how a broadband and its different denominations work. To allow you to learn more about the article, here are few important facts about broadband internet;

Broadband internet was designed to ease the use of internet for the common man and it seems that has been the case.


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